Beste Denerlanders, 
To keep it short, I am your French wine expert ! I'm finishing my master degree in Oenology and viticulture and I'm here to offer you the best of my expertise. My job and my studies oblige me to drink about 1500 bottles a year (What a difficult life !). 
So basically, I'm often visiting vineyards  looking for new gems ! 
Since I'm purchasing directly from the estates, I can benefit from low prices. Plus, I know exactly how the wine is made and what is added to it during the wine making process. In summary, my wines are safe for your health. Since I choose organic farmers (sometimes without labels), biodynamic farmers (Demeter) and "natural" farmers (without added sulfure).
Finally, I'm your personal sommelier. Don't forget it, I'm here to help you choose the best wine suitable as a present, for dinners but most importantly to satisfy your taste!

If you're interested in my wine selection, please send my an email with the bottles you'd like to order.  I'll be very happy to help while choosing you wine.

Then, once your choice is made, you'll receive a beautiful Bill without VAT (lucky you) and the IBAN of the company.

Thank you very much, do not hesitate to send my an email if you have any question !

 Please feel free to ask.



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